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Kick-start offer for businesses

Make sure to read the terms and conditions given below.

We understand the struggle business owners make these days to get their business back up following the negative impact made by the current epidemic situation. To be honest, we are also having difficulties maintaining our progress.

So we gave it a though and came up with a very much cut down pricing system, that can really help people improve their business's online presence. But this is clearly not profitable for us, the best we can do to minimize our loss is to work at a higher delivery rates to fulfill as many clients as we can through this pricing system so we can at least make it even. We also are keen on making new friends !

Terms and conditions

Hosting 1 year free

Your website will be hosted for free for the first year, after that we will charge standard hosting charges per year charged at the beginning of every year.


If you currently do not own a domain, the amount to purchase one will be charged extra and is not included in INR 4,000.

Future updates

We are happy to do simple updates for free on the site once it is completed, but if the updates are complicated or frequent we will charge a reasonable amount for our developers time needed to complete the update or changes.

Payment cycle

You will have to pay 50% upfront i.e. INR 2,000 on start of the development and remaining 50% once we complete the site. The site will only be set live once all payments are completed.

Timeframe 2-3 days

Once you approve the original design it usually takes upto 2-3 days to deliver the HTML coded site. Note this may vary slightly based on work demand.

Quality of the Website

Your website design will be unique, custom made, responsive and performant across platforms. The relevancy of the design to modern trends will be very much based on how you suggest us to do the website.

Selection process

We will select your application if your requirements meet our terms and conditions and it is practical enough to deliver your site considering our current terms and conditions. Upon selection we will notify you and contact your for further requirements.

For more questions please email us at info@pepperpot.co.in

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